Eyelid Ptosis Santa Monica

Eyelid ptosis is a condition that occurs when the upper eyelid droops or descends and approaches or covers the eye, obscuring vision. This condition can be congenital, or it can occur due to disease, or through simple aging.


Ptosis can be measured in three ways based on how low the upper lid position is in relation to the desired height: minimal at 1 to 2 mm, moderate at 2 to 4 mm, or severe, above 4 mm.

Depending on the severity of this condition, ptosis may be corrected in several different ways. Minimal ptosis may be corrected by several procedures that are easily performed through the inside of the upper eye lid.

Moderate amounts of ptosis will usually require surgery that takes place through the upper eyelid skin, levator aponeurotic advancement.

Severe ptosis necessitates either a maximum levator advancement or a frontalis suspension, a technique which elevates upper eyelids, suspending the lids and attaching to the eyebrows, utilizing either silicone rods or a patient’s own tissue.

Eyelid Ptosis Santa Monica

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