Eye Lift Santa Monica

Eye lift surgery, or blepharoplasty works to repair sagging or drooping upper eyelids. Our skilled team knows that sagging occurs or often increases with age.

Gravity creates a natural tendency for upper eyelids to descend, and for lower eyelids to bulge, creating bags under the eyes. Patients may have these conditions from birth, as they age, or due to disease that causes drooping.


For whatever reason the problem occurs, an eye lift reduces bagginess or puffiness from the lower eyelids, and also removes redundant skin from the upper eye lids. While this type of surgery is primarily cosmetic, it can improve vision in older patients if sagging upper lids affect vision clarity.

Our skilled team knows that as skin ages, elasticity can be lost, and gradually cause skin to collect on both upper and lower eyelids. With the lower eyelids, wrinkles or puffy bulges can occur; with upper eyelids, extra skin can droop low over lashes, causing vision issues.

Every procedure is uniquely tailored for each individual patient in our practice, because there are a wide variety of eyelid shapes and features.

Eyelift Santa Monica

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