Double Eyelid Surgery Santa Monica

Double eyelid surgery, is also called Asian Blepharoplasty. This technique shapes a double fold in the upper lid. The procedure excises skin and fat and a very small strip of Orbicularis muscle. The surgery then creates a double eyelid crease in patients without one.


While needs and details will vary patient by patient, this surgery designs a double eyelid crease, which is concealed in the newly created eyelid crease. How is the crease created?

It’s an anatomic attachment of the levator muscle. This raises the eyelid to the eyelid skin which lies over it. About 50% of Asians have this attachment, while 95% of Caucasians have this fold.

Asian patients who wish to create this cosmetic crease can do so through our skilled double eyelid surgery. In short, our experienced team reshapes the skin around the eye to form a creased upper eyelid.

Double Eyelid Surgery Santa Monica

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